• GTC (excerpt)

    1. Order

    The scope depends on the written offer. All offers are subject to change and be created based on available information. Additions, and not described services are carried out on request and charged according to consumption, as well as all material costs.

    As far as travel costs and expenses incurred, they will be billed separately. All prices are exclusive of VAT.

    The prices for DVD copies are Tages-/Angebots-abhängig. Please contact us for a special offer on this as soon as specification and delivery are unknown.

    We assume that the necessary permission to film, especially the consent of the participants and leaders are present to start turning and all that desired by the client locations are open to us.

    2. Copyright

    The customer acquires the right to use after liquidation of the respective master version. Rights of third parties-especially against the GEMA (Gesellschaft für musikalische Aufführungs- und mechanische Vervielfältigungsrechte) - are to be reviewed by him and observe. In connection with any resulting contract manufacturing fee or other costs to pay for basic rights of third parties has to be borne by the customer. TAKE ONE is entitled, produced sequences and/or complete clips for to use own purposes.

    The producer is not obliged to verify the extent of the work ordered content violates any laws. If this is the case, the principal is liable for any resulting harm or damage.

    3. Terms of payment

    The client pays 1/3 of production costs in the offer when ordering. 1/3 after the end of rotation, the balance on receipt of acceptance or liquidation. A charisma-lung-approval demonstration or partial performance shall be issued only if the total production costs are paid by the client. For each violation, as well as disclosure, presentation and / or distribution of material to third parties, etc. the customer agrees to pay a penalty. Compensation claims are reserved.

    All prices are exclusive of VAT.

    4. Delivery

    After final acceptance by the client, the TAKE ONE TV & film production at the Masters requirements in order to duplicate customer is in a lab. In any case, is that the Masters after the end of production and acceptance to the customer is available for use.

    5. Fulfillment

    Of performance and jurisdiction is the extent legally permissible, Hamburg. For the occurrence of unanticipated events that make the production even at times in question, takes the TAKE ONE TV & film production no liability. German law applies.

    No claim to completeness. The detailed terms and conditions are the basis of every business relationship.

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