• Media-Coaching

    Nothing is as individual as the professionalisation of your own performance. We offer coachings for individuals as well as for small-sized groups with the following targets:

    • rhetorically convincing the public
    • give interviews in a competent and confident way
    • communicate media information in an optimal way
    • successful and efficient public relations
    • know and command the rules of the media game

    Media Coaching reveals simple alternatives to get one’s ideas across. Through practial lessons the attendees learn the right attitude in front of a telecamera and a micro. They get trained on how to keep a cool head in ticklish situations and to act confidently.

    Each coaching training is tailored to the personal customer situation as well as designed for all PR fields.

    We currently run the following workshops:

    • Practical Camera-/Media-Coaching
      Safe handling of journalists, microphones, camera
    • Crises Communication
      Prevention instead of piles of smashed crockery
    • Professional preparation of media contacts
      Key messages to use their own goals
    • Help! Journalist-Attack!!
      Not without crisis management
    • Successful Public Relations
      The company itself skillfully place
    • Journalism & Sales
      Views and insights into the world of media professionals

    additional workshops and individual seminar planning on request

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